Veho VFS-008 Smartfix Scan to SD Stand Alone Slide and Negative Scanner

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ 

Veho VFS-008
Price £55.95

The Veho VFS-008  has been topping the recommended list for a while now, a great entry level device that comes well ahead of others in its price range, perfectly suited for the home conversion project.

The scanner will work as a stand alone device capable of scanning to the (provided) 2gb SD card or direct to pc. With its rechargeable ion battery the makes a very portable and robust scanning solution, able to scan 35mm, 110mm slides and negative strips at 3600 dpi.

The flip out screen is a nice feature for previewing your scans and essential if your working away from a computer. With the included  Arcsoft media Impressions software this is a decent package with good value for the features available.


Technical Details

Scan Sizes : 35mm & 110mm Slides and Negative Film
Image Sensor : 1/2.5 Inch 5.17MP CMOS lens
Scan Resolution : From 1800 DPI to 3600 DPI via Interpolation
Scanning Speed : 1 touch 2 seconds Scan
Colour Balance : Using Colourbright Technology
Exposure Control : Automatic
Power : USB 2 Powered
Driver : Plug and Play driver free with support for XP Vista (32/64bit) and Mac OSX 10.3.4 and above
Bundled Software : Arcsoft media Impressions
Dimensions : 77mm Long x 92mm High x 100 Width
Battery : Rechargable Li-Ion BL-5C

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